Central Park photos by William Rogers


horse carriage

We'll take a ride in a horse drawn cab (not a Hansom which has just a pair of wheels)


Alice Mad Hatter

Alice and Mad Hatter


An entrance with brick-art to Central Park at Fifth Avenue



Central Park official greeter


Model sailboats will be back here in summer


two geese

What has captured the attention of these two geese?


Cleopatra's Needle

Cleopatra's Needle, a huge obelisk quarried nearly four thousand years ago in Egypt and sent as present to NYC a century ago


building tops

Storm as seen from Central Park on west side


candy canes

Just a block or two south of Central Park


pond duck

The wing is quicker than the eye



Wanted posters (for quackery?)


carriage horse

Riding in style


log art

Log art in Central Park


central park bridge

Bridge over pond


boat house restaurant

The nicer the day the more boaters will show up



More ducks


carriage art

Some are inclined to put the cart before the horse!



Flying south they stop for a snack


pond reeds

Central Park pond reeds



Duck in the reeds



Meanwhile back at the carriage line


Boathouse awnnigs

Anonymous hikers on the hill


sketch art

Artist works at entrance to Central Park



Was it day or night?


Hans Cristian Anderson

Hans Christian Anderson


View of Boathouse Restaurant

Bethesda Fountain patio art


beathouse boats

Artsy view of Boathouse Restaurant mini-marina


jar artpond art




Stately park dining scene


tower seen

There's gold in 'them thar' towers as seen from 59th Street entrance!


central park horse at water

Time out for a water-break on Central Park South


boathouse boat and tree

Floating Christmas tree


dag's park

There are other parks in Manhattan


Nov 22 2017