Charleston South Carolina

Photos by William Rogers


downtown charleston

One corner in downtown Charleston


dog fountain

Everyone has fun in Charleston


house charleston

Wonderful houses are a major part of Charleston, as are palm trees



... and classic older buildings




Clothing for the needy


daughters confederacy

Historical landmark


colorful street

Color abounds in late afternoon


mirror street

Street and waterfront as seen through a mirror


street charleston

Classic building edifice


Photographer has been out in the sun too long


historical landmark charleston


buildings charleston


dog charleston

Someone has to take a nap even on a busy day



Mule train



Fish place on left


Charleston college

Time for a side-trip for some education


gift charleston

A gift from a graduating class


campus buildingschool building charleston

Some views on campus


fire escape art

Fire escape art on campus


street lamp

Not far from campus


church charleston




park husband

Shopping convenience


boat yarkalley

Charleston boatyard and off-street images


buildingbuilding charleston


sandstonehotel charleston

At right is a pool-side table at photographer's hotel


Bye bye Charleston

Nov 22 2017