High Line Park, New York City

Photos by William Rogers


high line park tressel

This trestle once supported an elevated freight-train line on westside of Manhattan near Tenth Avenue



Southern most point of the trestle in West Village


high line sign

Now the trestle supports an elevated park


high line tracks

Trees now grow where freight trains used to run


narrow parkstairs to high line park

Understandably, much of the elevated park is long and narrow


high  line view

One view from High Line Park


high line track and weeds

A bit of track where freight trains used to run


skating rink

High Line Park runs past skating rink and unusual building (support is 5 degrees off plumb)


Lackawanna view

View of New Jersey from High Line Park


high line new construction

Somethting's being added to High Line Park


High Line oddity

Yes this is just several feet from High Line Park


some more oddities

... This too


new construction hiline

As seen from High Line trestle


High Line clock

The park's clock :)


another view of odd building

A different view of something we've seen before


High Line oddity

Yes it's in the park


next door to park

Several feet to the side of High Line Park


14th street

Picture taken from High Line Park (14th Street)


23 street

Ditto (23rd Street)


apartment building

Also next to park



This and the following views can be seen from elevated High Line Park


new construcition

Construction goes on abutting High Line Park




Funny image




truck bays

Truck loading bays without the trucks today


truck bays sign

Fancy truck loading zone




unfinished building

Unfinished building at High Line Park


apartment nextdoor

Living nextdoor to the park?


flag building



The trestle is High Line Park


north side

North end turns toward Hudson River


west side yards

West Side Yards of Long Island Railroad abut High Line walkway


west side yarfs


subway escalators

Time for photographer to take subway back home (53rd Street Lexington Avenue escalators looking up from platform)
















Nov 22 2017