London selected points of interest


Wapping, East London

Wapping is on the north bank of the River Thames. The neighborhood is especially known for the Old Stairs, and the Prospect of Whitby pub

Old Steps

The Old Stairs can be found through a narrow alley on Wapping High Street just a bit west of Scandrett Street. This intersection is a five or ten minute walk west of Wapping Overground station. There are ample amounts of flotsam, jetsam, and centuries old pottery fragments here as elsewhere on the riverbank. But watch your footing if stone steps are wet.



Area to the right of above picture



Flotsam, jetsam, and centuries old pottery fragments one of which may have been removed by photographer and taken home


river thames

River Thames with Shard Building in background


Prospeect of Whitby

Prospect of Whitby is a riverside tavern perhaps first built in 1520 as a meeting place for sailors, smugglers, cut-throats, and others. The word "prospect" can mean an extensive view of a landscape or a viewpoint commanding a magnificent view of an estuary. At this point the Thames is an estuary (river with tides).



The only part left of the earliest pub here is the 400-year-old stone floor


prospect bar

Current interior, Prospect of Whitby


prospect noose

Very few pubs have such a device


Henry8 stairs

Down the street


captain kidd




Secured barge and boat that patrols for pirates on the River Thames :)


Looking across the river



Trinity Buoy Wharf

The wharf is in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets at the confluence of River Thames and Bow Creek (River Lea). It once had the only working lighthouse in London. Today the area is home to art schools.

east india

One way to get to the wharf is on the Dockland Light Railway train (DLR) to East India station (then a ten minute walk or so)


trinity buoy wharf

Entrance to wharf


fatboy's diner

American 1940s styled diner on wharf. Ate here, very nice


buoy wharf

Was once only lighthouse in London





Taxi with metal tree "growing" through roof


boat on thames

River Thames, interesting double bell on right called "Time and Tide Bell"


boat and chimes

O2 Arena in background; rising high tide rings bell to create a melody


metal man

Some get out of sorts more than others


light ship

Lightship 95, professional recording studio on 550 tonne ship


whale oil

Two older industries



Sometimes where there is water there are fish





Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court is a royal palace in the borough of Richmond upon Thames. Its construction began in 1515 and was once owned by King Henry VIII. It houses many works of art.

tour boat

Arriving by boat at Hampton Court Palace


palace ediface



Hampton Court quadrangle

Interior space at Hampton Court



Gardens area of palace



Even the chimneys are works of art



Color abounds today


outdoorwall kiosk

Interesting clock at upper left






View of outside from inside



Device full of useful information; hour hand points to 11:30 AM


dinner for two

Dinner for three?



Chess after dinner



A more serious moment


bed time

Time for bed



Art everywhere


doorcellar door

For skipping in or out unnoticed





Balcony setting for in situ theatre :)



View from above









long tablepantry

Food must be prepared for residents and guests



Rare indoor plumbing for that historical period



Portobello Road

This is a street in Notting Hill in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea running parallel with Ladbroke Grove. Its main street-market activities take place on Saturday for antiques, used clothing, vegetables, and other consumer items. It sometimes serves as a setting for movies and televison shows. The nearest Underground station is at Ladbroke Grove on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines.



Portobello market


salvation army



Perhaps you'd like to purchase an old typewriter


record player

Almost bought the gramophone




boxing gloves

Boxing anyone?


antiques portobello

Collectables and antiques shop


palm trees

Palm trees grow in London





A bit piqued today?


electric cinema

Is one of the oldest working movie theatres in the UK (1910). Seating includes armchairs, front-row beds and back-row sofas. Restaurant is next door.


Stop for a gin and tonic in the Distillery at 171 Portobello Road?


Somerset House

Somerset House is a large Neoclassical buliding south of the Strand and north of the Embankment in central London. It was designed by Sir William Chambers in 1776. It is today a home for arts and learning and has magnificent staircases. It has been a popular film location for big budget Hollywood films, including several Sherlock Holmes porjects.

somerset house

"Ground level" here is several storeys high







Two of a larger set



Focus magic accomplished with a "tilt" lens


artistic stairs

Staircase as an art form






Looking up



Cellar level



Sentiments set in stone


London bath

The bath was once thought built by the Romans, but was built 400 years or so ago possibly as a cistern for watering plants in the building next door. An enterprising person possibly came up with the Roman bath idea to promote using the water for theraputic public bathing. Bath area no longer in use, except for occasional scheduled sightseeing tours originating at Somerset House.


London bath

Bath made of Tudor bricks is located at 5 Strand Lane, between the Strand and the Embankment



Bath is 16 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 4 feet deep



Brentford is a town in west London at the confluence of the River Brent and the Thames. Its local history can be traced back at least to 54 BC in a battle between Julius Caesar and King Cassivellaunus. The Brentford Dock was built between 1855 and 1859. Water is a big part of the Brentford terrain.


The Beehive, flanked by a Morrisons Supermarket at right



River boating very popular here



For strolling down by the river





dock road

Photographer took his chances today without being challenged


canal boats

High tide is pretty but Low tide more ineresting


high boat

Boats are everywhere in Brentford









Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland and emigrated to the United States. He made millions and gave away millions, including building numerous libraries all over the world as charity. This one on Boston Manor Road was built in 1903 and is a Grade II protected building




pub cream

Pub sign at left; a classy building for selling ice cream at right


Roman Wall

The wall has been in London for nearly two thousand years. Most of the wall is gone although bits of it can be found in several areas of The City


Trajan, Roman Emperor 98-117 (near Tower Hill)


roman wall


roman wall

Doughnuts at the Roman Wall in London


roman wall



Sundial near Roman Wall


roman wall

Museum of London in background


roman wall..roman wall


london wall

Trajan perhaps making a point about the future of Londinium


River Wandle

This river runs south of the Thames River, passing through the London Boroughs of Croydon, Sutton, Merton, and Wandsworth

wandle river


wandle river


wandle river


wandle stones

Near the river


wandle river


wandle river


wandle river


wandle river


Crane Pub

The Crane, a short walk from the river


river signear

Nearby river







Not far away


Windsor Castle

This is a royal residence in the county of Berkshire. Its construction started in the 11th century. Inside its walls is the 15th-century St George's Chapel




windsor castle



The building will be defended


windsor castle


windsor castle'slit


windsor stairs






French Connection

Near train station



Train station; end of the line


Tower of London

Construction began after 1066. It has at times been a royal residence and at other times a prison. The crown jewels are kept here. One of Henry VIII wives, Anne Bolen, haunts the White Tower, as do Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey and Margaret Pole.

Tower of London

Part of the Tower


tower of london

The Tower from a distance



Exterior portion of the Tower



Try scaling this wall


tower lions

Security detail for Tower



Photographer in silhouette


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is more often closed than open


Several of the Bridges of London

London is a city of many bridges some of which have a history that goes back centuries



Blackfriars Bridge


blackfriars bridge


blackfriars bridge

Blackfriars Bridge seen from nearby Blackfriars Train Bridge (with protected remnants of older bridge)


Blackfriars train bridge

Blackfriars Train Bridge


blackfriars train bridge


St Pauls

Seen on the way to Millenium Bridge


Millenium BRidge..millenium bridge

Nearby Millennium Bridge for pedestrians (shown from opposite sides of Thames River)



Stairs down to the river from opposite angles


St Pauls

St Pauls from Millenium Bridge


London Bridge

Present-day London Bridge at low tide (others at this location preceded this one over the centuries)


London Bridge


bridge lamps


london bridge

Colorful puddle on riverbank


Power Station

Front side of massive historic Battersea Power Station near Chelsea Bridge


bridge art

Art on the river


hammersmith bridge

Second of two bridges at this site, this one built in 1887


Hammersmith Bridge


Hammersmith Bridge.bus bridge

Photographer takes bus back to hotel



Next to the bridge


The Museum of London


museum of london


museum of london


Henry VIII

Henry VIII


museum of london

Very old







300 AD

Living Room circa 300 AD






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