Rockefeller Center & Broadway Area

Photos by William Rogers


Rockefeller Center Wall

Wall-art underground concourse at Rockefeller Center


Rockefeller Station

Now arriving at Rockefeller Center Station


Rockefeller Slide


Skating Rink

First we'll have a snack


Rainbow Room


NBC sign

Photo of wall sign in lobby


Santa and tree

Not the big tree, but Ho, ho, ho!


Radio City

Close by


big tree


Radio City

Just down the block


Rockefeller Center Interior

Shall we walk up?


ice rain

Even in the rain!


Christmas card

I used this image for my Christmas cards (last year's pictures)



Diamonds anyone?


rockefeller center name list

Rockefeller Center tenants


christmas balls

This year's picture


skating rink musicians

Providing music for the skaters at Rockefeller Center Rink


toy soldier

This year's version


ice skating rink

Get your skates on and let's go!


rockefeller station

Last year's verlsion


camera prop

In one of the stores bordering Rockefeller Center


old equipment



on broadway lamp

For sale in store on Broadway


santa's helpers toy store

Store windows on Broadway


Macy'sMacy's clock

Fifteen blocks away from Rockefeller Center


creative rhino

Manhattan stores are becoming more creative!






One view of Times Square


happy holliday

Upside down message as seen from one side (two silhouetted people stand reading message)


more rain



Time to close


empire state

Again about fifteen blocks away from Rockefeller Center




Bye bye Broadway/RockefellerCenter

Nov 22 2017